About Us

When it comes to infectious diseases, improving the outcomes for any one, starts with uniting everyone.

Our Mission

Genera was designed to bring key stakeholders together. Our mission is to improve the effectiveness of infectious disease testing in established healthcare systems and emerging markets.

Our Vision

The battle against COVID-19 has highlighted the need for testing access, standardization and communication. Genera is focused on transforming the COVID-19 testing process to make it easier for providers, patients and businesses to access quality care. The opportunity to improve the process of infectious disease testing extends far beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

We believe that technology needs to be the connective tissue that brings everyone in the care delivery network together to avoid wasteful administrative distractions.

We believe that beating infectious diseases starts with measuring them effectively.

We believe that better measurement starts with a unified standard of test administration that can evolve with new insights.

Frequently Asked Questions